Human Resources Department provides learning and development opportunities for all administrative staff to support their behavioral and professional growth in line with their corporate, functional, and individual requirements. Along with their managers, our staff members annually determine their personalized behavioral and professional developmental requirements considering to their learning style, and throughout the year they benefit from suitable development opportunities. Through these opportunities, we aim to promote a work environment where continuous learning can thrive.

Main Opportunities for Learning and Development

  • Orientation Programs: Sessions focusing on the University, payroll and personnel issues, library and system are held to facilitate the induction of employees into the University.
  • Professional Development Programs: These training programs are prepared and delivered on a yearly basis considering the common needs of the staff and current issues. You can access these programs via this link.
  • Online Training Catalog: You can access via this link, the online training catalog, which includes many platforms that you can use for free on the Internet.
  • Language Instruction: English and Turkish language courses at various skill levels are provided.
  • Team Building Programs: These are developmental activities structured in accordance with the requirements of the teams, and they are held indoors and/or outdoors.
  • Administrator/Leader Development Programs: These training programs aim to develop managerial competence at Koç University, and to promote a common culture of management.
  • Professional Development Activities: These are activities contributing to the professional development of our staff
  • Coaching: These are additional development opportunities provided to address specific needs as they arise.
  • Koç Akademi: You can access via this link online development platform of Koç Group.
  • Graduate Studies and Special Student Learning Opportunities: Provides opportunities for staff to attend Koç University graduate studies or courses for their professional development.