Administrative Staff

Our Performance Management System uses fair and objective criteria to evaluate the efficiency and the productivity of work undertaken at the institutional and individual level in order to achieve the strategic goals set according to Koç University’s vision.

Performance Management involves transforming the priorities of Koç University, first into unit-based work plans, and then into individual goals. Following this, individual contributions of the staff are evaluated according to objective criteria. The process made up of goal setting, performance monitoring, interim re-evaluation, and performance evaluations phases, and it is held every calendar year to cover the January to December period.

At Koç University, Performance Management is conducted systematically, and its outcomes are integrated into development planning and wage management.

Every year the process starts with Unit Work Plans. At the beginning of the year, during the goal setting phase, the individual objectives of the employee are determined in line with the institutional and unit work plans, and expectations regarding competencies are defined in accordance with competency guidelines. In the middle of the year, the achievement status of the goals is revisited, and feedback interviews are held in line with competencies. At the end of the year, the process is completed with the evaluation of goals and competence.