Dear Members of the Koç University Community,

In order to recognize and appreciate the outstanding efforts and achievements “Outstanding Service Awards” will once again be given this year. This recognition program covers both academic and administrative staff.

In this recognition program any individual can nominate any individual or team, by filling out the “Candidate Nomination Form” via HR Track-it and stating the reasons for that particular nomination. Candidate nominations for this year will be open until Monday, April 5 2021.

Nominees are evaluated by the Koç University Outstanding Service Awards Evaluation Committee, and those who are nominated will be announced at the General Faculty & Staff Meeting.

Below you can find the categories and definitions of the 2021 Outstanding Service Awards. You can log in to the HR Track-it to nominate a candidate.

Categories for the Outstanding Service Awards:

Institutional Citizenship:

Individual, who has a sense of responsibility for realising the vision of the institution and incorporating this in his/her work with a strong sense of belonging; who is adopting the institution’s priorities as their own priorities, working with a high sense of engagement, including both their heart and their mind, may be nominated as candidates in this category.


Individual/team, who aims to create new opportunities with backing from collaborations within the unit, other units and non-institutional collaborations, obtains results and contributions that make a difference and contributes an added value to the University, may be nominated as candidates in this category.


Individual/team, who has gone beyond Koç University’s established definitions of priorities and who has brought solutions and practices that make a difference in terms of development, growth, speed and/or efficiency to the University with an unusual and innovative perspective, may be nominated as candidates in this category.

Adding Value to Life:

Individual/team, who is mainly focused on stakeholders served in-house and outside the University and their needs and create a difference in this area, has participated in projects that would benefit social and environmental life and has contributed to our University with their social responsibility perspective, may be nominated as candidates in this category.

Outstanding Contribution:

Individual/team, who contributes to the development of the University with devotion and dedication, who overcomes obstacles and comes up to the challenges and makes important improvements, may be nominated as candidates in this category.