Postponing of Financing Support Installment Payments

September 21, 2021

It has been decided that starting from October 1st, 2021, the payment of installments shall be postponed for a duration of 2 months (installments for October and November) for those members who have made use of financing support from the Foundation and who are still paying this back, if they make a request to this effect.

As such,

  • Members shall be able to postpone the payment of October and November installments in accordance with the decision of the Executive Board of the Foundation.
  • Members who are wishing to pay the installments of the financing support shall apply to Human Resources units of their institution to initiate the necessary procedures.
  • It shall not be possible for members to make payments to the Foundation without providing information to the Human Resources and without first registering to the attached lists. Payments made by members on an individual basis to the bank account of the Foundation shall not be accepted and the amounts shall be returned to the members.
  • The procedures shall be monitored on a monthly basis and shall be coordinated and conducted by the Foundation and Human Resources of the institution.
  • The attached lists of the Human Resources of the institution (for October and November) shall be filled in before the 20th day of the month and communicated to the Foundation.
  • Human Resources of the institution shall deduct payments amounts incurred within the month in question from the payroll of the members and shall ensure that these are paid to the Foundation.

Members who are interesting in paying “financing support deduction” in October are required to communicate their information to the Human Resources of their institution until 20th October 2021.


Koç Holding Retirement Foundation