Fall and Spring Administrative Leave

In the Fall and Spring semesters determined in the academic calendar, in the weeks specified by the faculties, administrative employees can use a total of 2 days of administrative leave, one day per term. In order to use the administrative leave, approval of the unit manager is required in accordance with the unit work schedule.

Birthday Leave

Paternity Leave

Online HR Applications

HR Track it:  Your requests are forwarded directly to the relevant Human Resources Directorate staff with HR Trackit system. In this way, it is easier to both track your demands and provide you with a quality service in a shorter time.


HR Portal: You can access the system that you can use to view / update your consent request, payroll viewing and personal data in our system via the link below.


Allianz Mobil Application: Through this application;

  • You can review the details of your policy.
  • You can examine the details of health spending.
  • You can access the used / remaining limit information in your policy.
  • You can request a refund on health expenditure and view the status of your request.
  • You can view contracted healthcare institutions close to you via your location.


Setcard Mobil Application: With the Setcard Mobil application, you can download the application and start paying mobile to make your life easier.

  • Thanks to the application, you can now make mobile payments with QR Code / Data matrix on all SETCARD pos devices without the need for your physical card.
  • You can activate your mobile payment authorization via a different phone with your unique username and password, and you can use your card from different phones with mobile payment at the same time.
  • You can access all current loading and balance information.
  • If the cards are lost, you can block them through the application and eliminate the risk of spending.
  • You can list the nearest Setcard contracted institutions and get detailed directions on the map. You can also comment and rate for member businesses.
  • You can get information about current Setcard campaigns and announcements, if notifications are allowed; you can receive location-based campaigns and upload notifications.
  • You can reach the Setcard -Setpara campaign points on the map and follow your 10% Setpara earnings from the transactions you will make at these points.
  • You can get all kinds of support related to mobile application via notification@setcard.com.tr.