As a crucial extension of our sensitivity concerning rules of ethical behavior, the prevention of sexual harassment has been taken up separately, and work has been undertaken to ensure that all employees approach this issue sensitively.

Sexual harassment is an act that violates human dignity which is the basis of human value, the right to protect and to develop personality, and individual autonomy which is based on choices of private life. As a form of violence with various manifestations, this act constitutes an important social problem not only in our country but also all over the world. Our University  is assuming a pioneering role on issue, which many of are hesitant and uneasy to discuss: the University stands against sexual harassment in all educational, research and administrative work spheres.

At Koç University, we believe that it is crucial that we establish an academic research, learning, and working environment free of all forms of sexual harassment based on gender, social gender, sexual orientation or similar grounds. Along with our valuable employees and through our stance of respecting all genders and gender issues within the boundaries established by law, we ensure that our working environment is prosperous in this sense and that it is an environment worthy of the academic quality and scientific achievements of the University. We are prepared and determined to raise awareness concerning the rights and the course of action to be taken in cases of sexual harassment, and to make every possible effort for the prevention of such events and situations, to examine and to investigate allegations and reports of sexual harassment, and to bring disciplinary action against responsible parties or to initiate other legal mechanisms.

In line with the corporate culture of Koç University which emphasizes human values, we are all aware that we must make every effort to prevent incidents and situations related to sexual harassment. We attach great importance to the equal adoption by our employees of the issues mentioned in Koç University Regulation for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and to increasing awareness. Through the e-training system which we developed with this goal in mind, we answer all questions our employees might have for the prevention of harassment.